frantoio valdelsano olio artigianale

The numbers and characteristics that distinguish us I numeri
and characteristics that distinguish us

Tradition and cooperation

The local oil-making tradition dates back to the dawn of history, since extra-virgin olive oil has been produced in Tuscany for over 3000 years. Producers have come together in a cooperative in the interest of accessing services and technical consulting that will provide consumers with a healthy, genuine oil, directly from the grove to the tabIe. The steady growth in the number of member producers since 1974 demonstrates Frantoio Cooperativo's hard work to obtain an oil whose unique qualities are characteristic of its area, which has always stood out as a prime olive-growing region.

Quality workmanship

The proximity of the groves and the organization of pressing ensures that the product is immediately processed within 24 hours of harvesting. Two-stage defoliation, careful washing ofthe olives, and temperature - controlled agitation are all closely monitored. This is the very process that gives extra-virgin olive oil the unique characteristics that make it so distinctive (taste, aroma, acidità and conservation).

The history of our cooperative


Years of experience

Frantoio Cooperativo Valdelsano was founded in 1974 by a group of farmers in the Elsa valley; lacking adequate facilities for pressing their olives, they founded a cooperative to make sure their harvest could be processed in the time needed to obtain a high-quality product.


At its foundation, the cooperative had 126 member producers.

It is now made up of a 13-member board of directors that represent the most significant olive-producing areas in the surrounding municipalities, and 1100 members who are active in the life of the cooperative.